The emotion of a scent can bring back a happy memory that might otherwise never be recalled.

Beach Fench


Sometimes the beach is a place and sometimes it's a feeling. Some of our happiest memories are at the beach on LBI, Long Beach Island, New Jersey,


Carefree days spent on the beach and nights

spent at Bay Village eating saltwater taffy. 

It was a lifestyle that prioritized comfort,

coziness, and contentment.

We carry those memories and feelings with us today, and our mission is to bring back happy

memories and create new ones.


The memories of LBI were the inspiration for Bougie Beach™, and continue to inform our vision of a lifestyle focused on comfort, coziness, and contentment

© LBIViews.com Chris G. Mendla

Bay Village,© LBIViews.com Chris G. Mendla
Butler Beach, St. Augustine, FL

We're now living our beach life in St. Augustine, FL, where we are creating new memories. Bougie Beach fragrances reflect the scents and scenes, new and old, of the beach. We spend countless hours researching,
testing, and hand-blending fragrance oils to create unique
fragrances meant to take you on an olfactive journey.

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